Day 11

Start: Dicks Creek Gap
Finish: Bly Gap
Miles: 9 Total Miles: 78.6

Back on the trail, again! I used the same shuttle as last time to get back out to Dicks Creek Gap and started climbing up around 8:30 am.

For the first day back hiking after time off, it wasn’t a bad day overall. There was one good climb over Buzzard Knob, then a gradual climb up to Bly Gap, about a mile short of Courthouse Bald. I made it to Bly Gap around 2:30 pm, and the next shelter at Muskrat Creek was only another 2.4 miles. But the forecast was for low temperatures of around 15-20 degree F tonight. The shelter was located 800 feet higher than the tenting area at Bly Gap. Which also had the added benefit of being below a ridge and thus largely protected from the wind. I can hear it howling overhead but here in the gap it’s calm.

The big news for the day is that I’ve made it to North Carolina! My first state complete. Everyone than adds thirteen more to go, but I won’t do that.

There are lots of people camping here in Blys Gap tonight. Familiar thrus include Odin, Twizzler, Young Gun, Crispy, Greenman, Ofie (I think that’s how it’s spelled) and scads of others.

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