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Valparaiso Street Art

Valparaiso Street Art

The Antarctic cruise is but a memory now.

We finished up a couple of days ago, and then spent the remaining time exploring a little of Chile, well, primarily Santiago and Valparaiso. Both of which were quite nice places. We’d like to come back and spend some more time, some day.

Last night we boarded our flight back home to Colorado Springs, connecting in Dallas-Fort Worth. Not a bad flight at all, considering it was an American carrier. We were both asleep a half-hour after we took off (the flight left at 11:30pm local time), and slept through to breakfast, just outside of Dallas.

There was a four hour layover in Dallas of course, but fortunately it turns out that the new American Express Centurion Lounge has a shower. So we were able to freshen up. And have second breakfast.

And now we’re home. Finally.

Pikes Snow

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