Late Night Secrets

Still it is only 3 bucks for a combo!

This photo is of an advertisement. I came across this on top of a gas pump while I was filling up the RoadWarriorMobile. Unfortunately, the RoadWarriorMobile is just a moniker, as Mary vetoed both the spike dispenser and the ventral machineguns, which she will inevitably regret the day the zombie apocalypse breaks out, or the next time there’s a rush on 99 cent a pound turkeys at Safeway.

But, enough about me and my heavily armed and armored personal transportation fantasies. Let’s consider the Frito snack ad. Fritos, with what appears to be nacho cheese on top. Some sort of gooey cheese-food like product anyhow. This is not right, not right at all. This is something you eat when you stumble back from the bar at three in the morning, because to make something actually edible, like a sandwich, is too much trouble. After which you fall asleep sitting upright on the couch, waking the next morning with a hangover, a crick in your neck, and a soul full of remorse and mortification. That’s how and when you eat cheesy Fritos – in the depth of night when only grave robbers and convenience store clerks roam the earth. You don’t eat cheesy Fritos in the cold hard light of day, when anyone can see you. I guess this is just another piece of evidence that civilization is continuing on its never-ending slide into oblivion. A slide, I’m sure, that has been in progress since the first time man lit a fire, and the old folks sat around and groused about how in their day they ate the meat raw and liked it. Except for the time after a few too many fermented berries they…… well, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.


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