Still getting the hang of this new fangled WordPress blogging software. I have now learned how to turn comments off. This is a major accomplishment, which calls for a nice bottle of claret and a cigar, maybe two. Having managed this all on my own (Google doesn’t count), without any hand holding from the resident IT support person, who would be Mary, I feel I have earned the right to celebrate. And goof off for a few more hours.

So far, I am finding that the tools helpfully supplied with WordPress are easily manipulated, even by such as myself. I hate to use the word antediluvian (and indeed find it difficult to even spell it close enough for spell check to figure it out), but certain others are not as reticent. Yes, I originally started out with computers that occupied entire floors in the Engineering department and we used punch cards and whale oil lanterns dagnabbit. So let me enjoy my little power trip, which will inevitably come to a screeching halt when next I try to send a text on my iPhone.


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