Day 7

Start: Unicoi Gap
Finish: Unicoi Gap
Miles: 0 Total Miles: 52.9

Zero day!

Managed, after quite a bit of searching, to find a couple of knee braces that I tried out walking around town. They seem to help substantially. I’m still going to spend the rest of the day with ice and my dear friend, ibuprofen, and am planning on resuming the trail again tomorrow.

I’ve also dumped my remaining stock of Kind bars. Although I like these a lot, unfortunately on the trail, they are like eating a handful of sawdust, and require immense quantities of water to wash down. I’ve substituted granola bars instead. So along with the fast food I’ve been consuming the last two days, I’ve dropped the healthy snacks and am racing to scrounge around the bottom of the barrel of foodstuffs as fast as possible. I’ll try and see if I can find a salad tonight that is only 20% saturated fats.

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