Day 3

Start: Woody Gap
Finish: Neels Gap
Miles: 10.9       Total Miles: 31.7

Well, it didn’t rain today, that is if you don’t count the drizzle that started up about a mile before the end of the hike, which we aren’t. It was cloudy, foggy, cool, and a pretty brisk wind up on top of the mountains. Today though, I only had to climb one, Blood Mountain, which despite the bone chilling name, was actually quite tame. I think at 4400 feet it is the tallest mountain in Georgia, at least on the AT. It wasn’t too bad, at least the climb. The descent, on the other hand, was six kinds of hell.

Although it didn’t rain, the trail itself was majorly muddy, everything that wasn’t muddy was slick, and the fog contributed a significant amount of drippage to keep everything well lubricated throughout the day. Not entirely pleasant. Still it was better overall day of hiking than yesterday, probably because I left some of my pack weight pack in the B&B for this one climb, and it was shorter mileage also.

At the end of the day, and the mountain descent that shall not ever be mentioned again, except while leaning a bar and nursing a brandy, I met Mary at the trailhead in Neels Gap. Where the famous Mountain Crossings outfitter is located, literally straddling the trail. I now have a t-shirt that establishes the fact that I’ve been there. And a new sun hat, because in three days of hiking I’ve already managed to misplace my first one. Mary said I should start a running log of ‘Things Mike Lost Along the Appalachian Trail.”

Item 1. Sun hat

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