Amicalola Lodge

We originally planned on staying at the Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge for a couple of nights. That didn’t work out. It might have been the fact that water gave out at 7:00 pm the first night we were there, and still wasn’t restored halfway through the second day.

Or it might have been dinner in the lodge the first night, when Mary ordered a glass of wine. She was looking for a nice little Pinot Noir. Unfortunately, our waitress came back with a substitute glass of wine, because they were out of the Pinot. The waitress said though, that the substitute wine was the closest too pinot that they had in house. When Mary asked what kind of wine it was, the waitress became flustered, and stammered that it “was red, uh, red.” And so it was.

The staff is friendly, the lodge has been recently renovated, and there’ s a nice view. And they have red wine. I’m not sure why we only stayed one night, but Mary has this thing about flush toilets.

I checked in at the park visitor center and signed the register for through hikers. I was though hiker #529 for 2015. Tomorrow, I start a’ hikin’!

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