Mustachios, Muchachos!

WindyThree more days at sea, a couple of days to sample the fleshpots of Santiago, Chile, and then we’ll be winging our way home. It’s been a wonderful trip, but my sights are already set on the next big adventure. Plus, there’s only so many Chateaubriands sitting on a bed of truffle potatoes with caviar sauce one can eat. For the record, it looks like that number is seven. In case you were curious.


When we get back, I have a little shopping to do, for a number of small, and not terribly important pieces of gear. Then, there’s the planning. I’m not going to do mail drops, so that simplifies life quite a bit. On the other hand, I do have to figure out some likely meeting points for Mary and myself during the hike. Got to decide on which maps and guidebooks I’m going to use. Should I get a new cheap phone from Verizon, since apparently coverage from AT&T down in the South is the pits?

But the real burning question, of course, is whether or not I should go the moustache route or not. There’s no question that I’ll drag along the weight of a razor and some shaving cream, since I have no intention of growing any more than a week of chin hair. Because:

  1. A beard will almost certainly come in very grey, or even white, and I have no desire to end up with trail names like Gramps, Methuselah, or Geriatric Dude.
  2. Because a face full of fur, in the heat and humidity of an East Coast summer, would be, shall we say, uncomfortable.

So, no beard for me, but a moustache seems like it might be a fun and interesting diversion, especially if I work on a nice handlebar. The drawback with a handlebar is that it requires a fair bit of grooming, which might be difficult to pull off on the trail. Plus, there’s so many styles to choose from.

Something fussy, precise and Belgian?

Something fussy, precise and Belgian?

Something a little over the top?

Or something just a wee bit over the top?


Or something more traditional, and it comes with a fez!

Or something more traditional, and it comes with a fez!

So things are a bit on hold at the moment, but in less than a week I’ll be able to start moving forward again.



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