Springing Back

Airline1Sorry for the quietude, and lack of posting. I’m just getting over a cold, which of course meant that I had to spend most of the week ensconced in my Fortress of Germ Ridden Solitude, downstairs, watching Lifetime movies. From a rather hasty, but I’m sure totally reliable analysis I’ve done, 75% of all men in Lifetime movies are serial killers, have evil twins, are escaped convicts or are con-men. Or all of the above. The other 25% of men are basically decent guys who end up murdered by escaped con-man serial killers, or they are seduced, and then killed by the heroine’s wicked younger sister. It’s a dog-eat-dog world on Lifetime, and the men are rawhide chews.

Anyway, it’s time to catch up on some travel news, of which there’s been a lot recently. The big news of course is that the FAA has finally bowed to the dictates of science, and declared that there is no evidence that a Game Boy can bring down a 747. Even if you do happen to get the high score on Super Mario Brothers. So power up all those electronics, even while you’re taxiing out to the runway! Of course, you’re supposed to turn them off during the safety briefing, but we all know how often that’s going to happen.

Speaking of safety briefings, which I’m pretty sure is the first time I’ve ever used that particular phrase, Virgin America has developed a doozy. It is my personal belief that pretty much everything is better if they’re done in the style of a Broadway musical. Sort of like, most every food is improved if you put Béarnaise sauce on it, though now that I think about it, that’s totally different. Anyway, if you’re going to do a safety briefing then here is proof positive that doing it up musically is much, much better.



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