Heineken Awesomeness

And today, I’m not even talking about the beer, though that too, is pretty awesome. Well, pretty good, in any case. Hey, I like it! Don’t judge me!

But as I said, this time Heineken has done something completely outside the box. Check out this travel promotion they ran recently at JFK airport.

Mary and I would do this in a New York minute. Because, you know, it’s at JFK. Man, if I’m going to have to explain the jokes, the posts are going to get even longer than they are now. Sure, with my luck, we would probably end up in some Third World war zone, like Pakistan, or Burma, or Cleveland, Ohio. And all of our stuff would be stolen the minute we arrived, and Mary would have to sell me into white slavery, in order to get enough cash to get back to the US, so she could raise the money to buy my freedom. And she’d almost inevitably get distracted with the new pool boy, Antonio, and it would be months, if not years, before she remembered I was still being held hostage, but by that time the money would be all gone, as well as Antonio. In the meantime, I’d be forced to do the most vile things imaginable in order to survive, like scrubbing floors, or defragmenting my captor’s hard drives. It all sounds like the plot of a Lifetime movie, though with the roles reversed. Throw in an evil twin (hers or mine, it doesn’t really matter) and you’ve got the Tuesday 8:00 pm slot all sewn up.

Of course, it might not turn out like I described, but even if it did, I’d at least learn a new skill, like floor scrubbing.

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