In Russia, We Have Limos Bigger Than Small Ocean Going Vessels!

SS Hummerzine, Pride of the St. Petersburg Land Yacht Fleet

Observed outside our hotel in St. Petersburg and submitted for the reader’s perusal. I’d just like to point out the irony, if that is the correct term, of a massively upgraded, American Army designed combat support vehicle, converted into a capitalist land yacht, available for rental by what appear to be a bunch of bros, for a brotastic evening out, in Russia. Truly, this is the twenty first century.

I’m not sure why the limo has additional headroom. Perhaps for dancing? I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a stripper pole on-board. Maybe a disco ball, too.

And of course, at the back, there’s a rear deck. Covered at the moment, because it’s 11:00 pm and the sun is still pretty bright. But later in the evening, I’m sure a few of the gentlemen who are renting this All Terrain Battleship, would repair to the rear deck and sit out under the stars sipping cognac and enjoying a fine Havana, conversing about the affairs of the day, classily.

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