Computer Woes

I did not have a jpeg of a sick computer so I used this one of the Titanic instead, which is totally sorta the same thing.

My faithful iMac turned recalcitrant and sulky, just like a teenager. Well, it is four years old, which must be seventeen in computer years, so I guess it was to be expected. I took it to the Genius Bar, which I love because I get to say, “Hey honey, I’m going to the Genius Bar!” You just don’t get much of a chance to say something like that in America today. I notice that the Microsoft stores have Answer Desks, staffed by Answer Techs, which is a tiny bit sad. Though, what were their alternatives? The We’re-Just-As-Smart-As-Apple-Genius Bar? The SuperGenius Bar? The Brainiacs or the Whiz Kid Bars? Maybe they should have just paid the creators of Chuck for the rights to the Nerd Herd.

The Genius proclaimed that my iMac, sadly, was going to have to undergo surgery to remove a balky hard drive. And it would take four or five days, so I should go home and try and keep my spirits up, either with heavy drinking, or would a new iPad help? I declined, already having enough iProducts to fill a small cargo container.

So, that’s why there was no post on Friday. Mary says that’s a crappy reason, since I have the iPad, and a MacBook Pro, just for situations like this. But I say, when nature, or fate, presents you with an opportunity to procrastinate, or even avoid doing work altogether, it would be churlish to let such an opening go by.

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