Updatery Type Info Dump

So sorry. Been running around Europe and environs like madpeople and are we allowed to call them madpeople or should we refer to them as the sanity challenged?

Anyway, we’ve been so busy that I have not been able to turn on the laptop, well except when I wanted to catch up on my webcomics, but that’s really the only thing I’ve had time for these past couple of weeks. It’s been fun but exhausting, and I’ll have lots to write about shortly.

In the meantime, this photo, from a typical street in a typical London neighborhood, if by typical, you mean one that costs approximately the same as a small business jet to live in. Actually, now that I think about it, that is pretty typical. I like the advertising here. It sounds warm and inviting. Come on in, the food is something I myself, the proprietor would eat with little or no fear of gastro-intenstinal distress. So much better than those three star Michelin star restaurants, where the owner only shows up once a week or so to berate the dishwashers and collect the takings.

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