The World’s Most Expensive RV

I used to think Americans were plumb crazy with their love of RVing. For one thing they made a verb out of RVing. For another, RV’s seem like a exorbitant and/or frivolous use of money. I mean those half million, or full million dollar RV’s, seem like the world’s worst investment. You could buy a nice vacation home somewhere, put a lot of the money you saved in the bank, and drive there if you really wanted to experience the open road. Just the thought of maneuvering one of those behemoths around a city street gives me the willies.

But now, there’s the world’s most expensive RV and it isn’t even American! How far we’ve fallen! An Austrian company has created a $3,000,000 monstrosity that shall rule the roads. Yes, that’s six zeroes, in case you didn’t want to count them.

Mary commented that she wasn’t surprised when apprised that an Austrian company had built the element, as there is a certain Teutonic flair about it. There is sort of like a giant alien armored assault vehicle thing going on. There’s also the single monocular front windscreen that reminds one of the minions from Despicable Me.









But of course, the best part about this vehicle isn’t the strange Cyclopian windscreen and hulking air scoop. Nor is it the fact that apparently, if I understand correctly, even though I’m pretty sure I don’t want to, that the skin of the PanzerWinnebago glows in the dark. No, it’s the master bedroom. With the huge silver gilt mirror on the ceiling. Over the bed. Because the average denizen of RV’s, they’re all about the sex, sex, sex. Granted, it could be a product aimed at a celebrity superstar niche, but I’d rather think it’s the seniors down at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp Resort at Kozy Rest RV park doing some serious partying down.

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