I had this whole post written up about the ongoing reconstruction of our lower ground floor, as opposed to our upper ground floor, which is distinct from the other floors like the Observatory Floor with the attached Zeppelin dock. OK, we don’t have an Observatory Floor, nor a Zeppelin dock, but that’s just because of the HOA and their silly restrictions. And the fact that no one is really flying Zeppelins around anymore.

Anyway, as I said, I had a whole post written, but decided to leave it for another day, because this morning Mary and I had this conversation via iMessage.

Yes, yes, I know, or do now, that Alexander Graham Bell’s actual line was “Mr. Watson. Where are you? I need you.” Details, details. These are the types of conversations that we have, sometimes even face to face, in person. I’m not sure at what point in our relation Mary assumed the mantle of the sober, reliable, and mature one, in our relationship, but I think it was somewhere around 17 femtoseconds into our first date. Lucky for me, since based on current results and extrapolating into a timeline where I did not meet Mary, I would most likely have been living under the I-25 underpass. After having blown all of my 401(k) funds on a public offering for a Zeppelin airline.

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