Traveling Man

I’m just a traveling man, doing the best I can, dum de dum de dum, dum dum. We’re on the road, down here in the Central Floridian swamps, sussing out tidbits of information for Mary’s readers at We’ve had a few good meals, we’ve had a few not-so-good meals, and I’ll have some comments on that subject soon. But in the meantime, while we’re at the Happiest Place on Earth, which I always thought might be located somewhere different than Central Florida, but what do I know, I am finding it a little problematic keeping up with posts. I will have something, hopefully humorous, for Monday next, even if I have to break out the story about the time I played high school football, which is a tale of silliness piled on catastrophe, with an extra helping of vainglorious incompetence applied like a mountain of whipped cream on top. Hopefully we won’t have to do that since I’m trying to reserve that particular tale for really dire circumstances.

So to tide you over I’m really going to scrape the bottom of the barrel and present this link to a video of puppies. Nah, I lied, no puppies. This isn’t Oprah, I don’t do cute. I would have included a video of tiger cubs instead. But only because they’re maneaters that would tear your throat out in a flash. TIGERS!! But sadly, WordPress doesn’t seem to play well with iOS, so you just have to go to YouTube yourself and search for ‘tiger cubs’.


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