Random Snaps

Everywhere you go in this burg you find something interesting, or weird, or interesting and weird. That last is my favorite category, btw. So herewith, eighty percent weird and twenty percent amazing.

The first suicide hot line in the world I think, and they kept the phone. They never throw anything out in this country. You’d think this would be in a museum, but as it turns out it’s in a church. In the vestibule, or whatever they call the area where you can hang out and talk without committing some kind of sacrilege. Do Anglicans even do sacrilege? I was raised Catholic and they do sacrilege like no one’s business. See also stake burning, torturing heretics, smiting infidels, etc.

Binks was a cat
A cat with a hat

I went to a hatter. And bought a hat. At the hattery, which isn’t a real word, though by all rights it ought to be, they have a mascot. A dead and stuffed mascot. Binks is his name. Binks, the Mad Hatter’s Catter. This is why I don’t do poetry, and you should all thank me for that. I’ve never understood why anyone taxidermies a dead animal, even a beloved pet, much less a cat, but if you have to do it, you should pose it with a small hat perched at a jaunty angle and a little cigarette, because, you know, all the cool cats smoke, daddio




I’m not exactly sure, but isn’t this how Springsteen got his start? All kinds of things seem to wash up at low tide along the Thames. He wasn’t half bad. Great hat, too!






What a great country! I mean, look at this place – an ale and pie  house! Why can’t we have good things like this in the US? No, I know, we’d just break them, we’d serve Miller Lite instead of ale, and we’d serve deep-fried pies filled with processed ham and American cheese. Or Pizza Munchees, which right there is why we don’t deserve good things.




And finally the 20% amazingness. Mary took this picture, which you can tell because it’s in focus and she caught the light just right, and well, it’s amazing. St. Paul’s Cathedral, but since it’s local, we just call it All Paul’s, or PaullyDome, depending on our mood. At sunset, Sunday.

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