The Satellite Coverage Deficit

Apologies for missing the Monday update, but the stars weren’t in the proper alignment, the sun was in my eyes, and/or the dog ate my homework. But I promise that I have an amazing pretty all right just fair not quite up to par a terribly silly post that I will put up tomorrow. Which might be the third Wednesday of November back there in the States, though I’m not quite sure anymore. Soon, very soon, I’ll be back in range of the beloved electro-magnetic fields of wifi and 4G coverage, and will be able to post. If one wants to be completely honest, and really, I hardly ever am, so this is a time of revelation (hallelujah, brothers!), the lack of Internet access while we’ve been aboard the Queen Mary 2 (or Deux) has been a nice change of pace. The involuntary muscle spasms symptomatic of information deficit syndrome have now faded to minor facial tics that I can keep under control through the liberal application of hard liquor.

So to tomorrow! Ciao!


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