Unforeseen Postponement

Yeah, it wasn’t this mountain, it was another much shorter mountain. A pygmy mountain. This mountain is Pike’s Peak, which someday I shall conquer!

Due to the fact that I am quite without the use of my favorite extremities because of an unfortunate encounter with a mountain, I will be unable to complete and post today’s undeniably witty scribblings. Well typings, anyway. I would however, like to assure everyone that the mountain is quite okay, though my own musculature will be a while recovering. By this evening, I believe that the application of a palliative consisting of enough ibuprofen to choke a horse, five parts gin, three parts wine and a dram of port should reduce brain activity to the point where I don’t care a damn for muscular aches and pains. That being the case, I hope to have a complete post on something or other on the morrow.

It’ll probably be something pithy about hangovers.

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