Evacuation! Day Four

Things over the course of the day went from boring, to crappy, to outright terrifying in a few short hours. The weather as previously mentioned has not been helping any with combating the fire. Today, the weather decided to go from ‘not helping’ to ‘let’s see what a 65 mph wind can do to a massive forest fire’.




The answer is – seriously not good. By nightfall, the fire has crossed into the city proper and hundreds of homes were aflame. Positively apocalyptic. Like this kind of apocalyptic:

Fortunately, evacuations seemed to have prevented any fatalities, so it was only property damage that was a concern (a few days later it would be learned that a couple had stayed in their home and perished). By morning the fires in the city were out and the winds had shifted to drive the fire further up the mountains sides.

No humorous anecdotes today, I’m afraid. Doesn’t seem to be appropriate.

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