Random Observations from Massachusetts

Okay, so we had to go to Massachusetts for a wedding, and we decided, while we were in the neighborhood you see, to check out some of the sights. Like Boston, and Nantucket, and lobster rolls. Thumbs up on all three.

Some observations (as promised):

We were told that, contrary to our preconceptions, Nantucket is much more pricy and exclusive than Martha’s Vineyard. We’re still not sure about that, seeing how we haven’t been to Martha’s yet, but Nantucket is a far cry from the little whaling town of a couple of centuries past?

The prevailing colors on Nantucket are grey and pink. Every single building on the island appears to be grey shingle and white trim. Well except for the white, stucco house we saw on one beach. I’m kind of curious what kind of favors to the town planning commission that entailed.

Pink, on the other hand, is the fashionable color for men, especially men of a certain age, for shirts and jackets. Probably slacks too, but only on the golf course. Really, it was a flash from the past, the preppy past. Pink sports coats? My tailor would be appalled. I don’t actually have a real, honest to god tailor, I just like to imagine I have one. I long to have a tailor, and a men’s club where I can peruse the Times over a whiskey and soda, and then play a few hands of whist. Which is a symptom of how deeply illusionary is Mike’s Imaginary FunLand, as I have no idea how to play whist, and I don’t like whiskey at all. Still, Mike’s Imaginary FunLand is considerably cheaper than lots of other hobbies.

Northeasterners do have a real affection for breading and deep frying their seafood. Not that I have anything against that, indeed, I’m a long time fan of all things deep-fried. It’s just that after a while all you taste is oily breading, and not deep sea briny goodness. So it is a relief to find something that is pan sautéed in a couple of cups of butter, just for a change of pace. Basically, the majority of seafood in the Northeast comes with substantial quantities of fat, no matter what you do. Even lobster rolls are slathered in mayo. Just figure on serious dieting after your visit?

Ferries, the only way to get to Nantucket besides flying in, usually in a Cessna, are cool. I think more places ought to have ferries. Along with trains, ferries engender a strange kind of glee in me. I’m at loss to explain it and Mary has just come to accept that if there’s a train or a ferry somewhere nearby, she’s going to have to ride on it. Even if we have to go fifty or more miles out of our way to get to it in the first place. So, if by some small chance, you too like ferries, Nantucket is a great place to go. On the other hand, if you bring your own vehicle on the ferry it is fearsomely expensive.

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