Terminator Prelude

Scientists at Boston Dynamics, working for DARPA (We Develop Nightmarish Technology Just Because We Can), have created a robot that can run 18 miles per hour. A four legged robot called the Cheetah.

Oh, come on! Haven’t they ever watched Terminators 1, 2 or 3, skipping 4 because it sucked? This is how it starts. Today’s running robot cheetahs without heads are tomorrow’s running robot cheetah hunter-killers with frickin’ lasers instead of heads. It’s as inevitable as Charlie Sheen running his car into a phone pole at 3:00AM, staggering out with white powder liberally coating his upper lip, and calling an escort service for a ride home.

This never ends well, man, unless of course, you’re Charlie Sheen.  As someone in a movie once said, so eloquently: Aliens!


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