It’s the fall, which means it’s time we pack up our stuff and get back out on the road. Because the snow is coming soon, so soon. But first, there’s the leaves, the pretty, pretty leaves, a-turning colors and illuminating the mountainsides. Well, that’s the case here in the Rockies, you people out in Southern California will have the usual fall foliage season which consists of the leaves slowly turning brown, and finally falling off the trees around February. That is one aspect of life on the Left Coast I don’t miss.

We ran on up to Vail early this week to stay in our favorite ski lodge at the breathtakingly low, low prices of a ski-town in the off-season. It’s our favorite time to visit ski-towns, since the prices they charge once it starts snowing are insane. Along the way we admired the aspens in full fall plumage. I nailed it schedule-wise, as the aspens up around Vail were at the peak of their golden gloriousness. I might have mentioned that I nailed it to Mary a few too many times, as long about Tuesday she pretty much just started tuning me out. More so than normal, that is. Still if anyone asks, I nailed it.

Overall, we had a thoroughly pleasant and relaxing trip. We found a dairy along the way that sold goat cheese, which turned out to be pretty good. So score. There was also a farmer’s market selling green tomatoes. I love green tomatoes. Absolutely love them, sliced and fried in butter, and served on white bread with mayo. It’s the epitome of red-neck cooking, or if we’re going to be refined about it, country cuisine. I’ve got enough tomatoes to do lunches till next week. Then it’s back to salads and dry toast to drop enough weight to get into my travelling pants before the real touring season kicks in.


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