Fresh Food Delivered Aeronautically

I love this idea. An outpost, as it were, of the famed Original Farmer’s Market may (or may not) open at LAX. I mean, I don’t know why we can’t have yet another KFC outlet or better yet Subway, now that they have finally surpassed McDonald’s as the biggest ‘quick service’ chain in the world. Cause, if God didn’t want us to eat vast quantities of fat and salt, he wouldn’t have made it so very, very tasty.

So fresh fruit and veggies and nuts to pick up to carry on a flight. A great concept, which is, of course, doomed. Sadly, I just don’t see the concept catching on here in this country. When Americans travel there seems to be some sort of compulsion to seek out the worst kind of food imaginable. Maybe it’s the stress. Packed in a metal tube with a hundred and fifty other cattle at 35,000 feet, and wondering if that guy who’s hogging the arm rest is exhibiting the symptoms of swine flu or Ebola or both, and sure, I’ll have another Snickers bar and a thirty-two ounce soda to wash it down. It just doesn’t seem like a nice heirloom apple is gonna get you through the next two and a half hours.

But, when those feelings of virtuousness strike, it’s nice to have an option. Right now at most airports it’s pretty much either an apple or orange or overpriced (and usually stale) trail mix at the convenience type stores at the airport. I suppose one could bring something healthy from home but unless it’s something unambiguous like a chocolate bar, I tend to resist taking food through security. The TSA is well known for its utter lack of predictability or logic. So, since I want to avoid a strip and cavity search, much as they sound like fun, I try to give the TSA people as few issues to fasten on as possible. Since we’ll be flying through LAX soon maybe I’ll see if this pans out, though fate will almost inevitably strand me in some other terminal than the one with the faux farmer’s market.

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