Lounging About

Today’s post isn’t about my normal daytime routine, that is, spending the better part of the day, or often all day, in pajamas and tennis shoes. You laugh now, but if a disaster were to strike that requires immediate fleeing, I’ll be set and those of you still wearing your bedroom slippers will fall behind and be engulfed by whatever type of freakish annihilation is applicable.  So no, the post isn’t about loungewear, not even the proper way to accessorize for a zombie outbreak, but instead it’s about one of those pesky furriner type ideas that is now getting some exposure over here in the good ol’ U S of A.

While wandering about the aerial terminals of many a country that are not the USA, we’ve observed something we always wished we had here, and that’s the airport lounge for the rest of us. Or maybe for you, cause I already have frequent flyer status or a credit card with benefits. Actually I usually get in as a guest of Mary’s, but it’s almost the same thing, so I get to hang out in lounges rather than rubbing shoulders with the hoi polloi at the gates. But, many places other than the US have commercial lounges that one can pay to enter, that don’t require status, or a first class ticket, or a wife that bought you a first class ticket. Just cold hard cash. I love this idea. I’m speaking about the pay lounges, but cold hard cash is also a wonderful concept.

Baltimore Washington airport is the first to get a pay lounge. In agreement with the Jaunted writer, I love this idea also, especially the part about avoiding the teenagers with Uggs and Juicy Couture sweat pants. Oh, man, do I like avoiding that. I also like the free wifi too, even for airports with their own free wifi, like Denver’s whose connection speed could be easily surpassed by drumming a couple of sticks on a hollow log. If I have a couple or three hours between flights I could easily get behind $17.50 a day to escape the madding crowds.


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