Or the semblance of cheese. We were talking over lunch about the upcoming trip to Europe and I mentioned that for the life of me I couldn’t really think of any famous German cheeses. French,English, and Italian – yes, but German?

This led to a discussion or more a recounting of the dimly perceived years of my youth when dinosaurs like Pan-Am, Plymouth, and xx still raomed the land. Back when there were always references in comics and cartoons about people eating limburger cheese. Preferably with raw onion, on pumperknickel. And yet strangely enough in my entire life I’ve never met nor actually heard of anyone eating limburger. The whole point of the comic stories was that limburger was supposedly really stinky and hilarity ensued when someone would eat it. It was a simpler age I guess.

Interestingly enough I noticed recently that limburger cheese is still available at the grocery store in the vaguely industrial processes cheese food product area. Along with another old favorite – Olde English cheese in a jar. You know you really can’t beat cheese in a jar. When doing a little research on the Intratubes I came across a thread about it on Chowhounds and as someone pointed out one of the best product endorsements ever was coined in the thread – ‘I buy slices of it to wrap around my dog’s monthly heart worm pill”. You know you just can’t get any better than that.

Right in the middle of this intense and revelatory discussion the doorbell rang and the frindy UPS guy dropped off a box containg not one but two cans of Cougar Gld cheese. Now I know you’re thinking to yourself, I wonder if I should be folding the clothes from the dryer instead of wasting time rrady stuff on the web. I recommend that you go fold those clothes and while you’re doing it I know also that you’ll be thinking to yourself, ‘cheese in a can’>|? I wonder if that will possibly reach the culinary pinnacle of something like ham in a can? Or better yet – bacaon in a can?

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